Hazard Getting Started Guide


Follow these steps to complete your Hazard compliance:

Logging in

You access your account anytime, by clicking here: App Log in 

  • You may change your password anytime by following the instructions 
  • PCS does not recommend changing your username without first contacting us

1. Read the training manual before doing anything

A thorough reviews and basic understanding of the "Master Training" manual will make completing your customized products much easier

2. Customize your documents

The “Customize” icon on the dashboard is your access to changing anything in your documents. If you want to create a large insert in to a question that can have a lengthy response, you should create the document in a Word file, cut the document, then paste into the response area as “plain text”. This will ensure your spacing, fonts and the like are maintained as you created them in the Word file. If you make any changes in the “Customize” section, be sure to select “SAVE” option after the last question.

Your products will not complete until every question is answered. While it may seem there are many questions to answer, this is by design to allow a product to be customized to your individual office. 

If you wish further customization, you will need to complete the product then download it from the documents section to a Word or PDF format where you will have total ability to change anything. However, THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED – deviating from the product design may result in eliminating or changing policies that are required by law. A downloaded and further customized document cannot be placed back in to the app, which means automatic updates from PCS will not occur.

3. Train your staff

Once your products are completed you will need to train your staff. There are two options here:

  1. Hold a meeting and play the video under the “Staff Education” link
  2. Give each staff member access to the app and have them watch the video under their user account. This can be done by clicking on the “Staff” tab and entering the staff member’s email address in the “Coworker Email Address” field. 

* When adding staff members, be sure to choose the appropriate access level: 

  • Practice Administrator = full access to all aspects of the app
  • Staff Member = only able to view documents and training (cannot edit)

4. Print out required documents

From the dashboard, the “Documents” icon will allow you to view all of your completed compliance documents. If you want to print a document, select it, and after it loads you will see (on the right) an option to export it to a PDF or Word file – your choice. You can then print the document from the download. Do NOT attempt to print the document directly from the website – the fonts and layout will not transfer correctly. Always download to a Word or PDF document then print. In some cases, the document may have minor spacing or font issues which you can easily fix before printing. The only documents you need to print out and complete or post are: 

  • Hazard Training Log
  • Emergency Response Contacts (add medical care contact and waste disposal if applicable) - Post at the front desk.
  • SDS file – not a document, but you will need to save all your SDS sheets to a file, print and post in your office, and store on network location accessible to staff

You may print any other documents you need or wish but it is not required. Any additional documents may be downloaded and printed from the "Documents" section at any time.

The “Download” icon is a link to additional documents that you should rarely need to access but in most cases you are required by law to have them.

Staying up to date

Additional Information

You will need to review your Hazard policies once a year. Document you have done this by going back to the customization option and changing the date in the question “Date you last revised your Hazard policies”. Hit “Save” and your manual will automatically update to the new review date. Do this even if you have made no specific changes to your policy – this will document that you did review them even if there were no changes.

You are required to retrain AND retest your staff on hazard policies once a year. This training manual provides further details on this topic.