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Common Audit Triggers and How To Avoid Them

Unfortunately, too much of the billing and coding education in healthcare focuses on gaming the system to get the most out of insurers. This has led significant fraud waste and abuse in healthcare. In fact, the Department of Justice estimates it may be as much as $100...

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Handling suspected substance abuse in the office

Recently PCS was contacted by 2 unrelated practices dealing with potential substance abuse issues. Our advice to them could be helpful in general. The first step is to make sure that there is evidence to take additional steps. Doctors/managers should carefully monitor...

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We’re passionate about the eye care industry, and we care about keeping eye doctors informed and ready for anything! We regularly publish articles about compliance topics, offering tips and best practices for keeping your business protected under any and all circumstances. Click to read the latest:

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Industry Insights

Your coverage in the PCS app automatically updates as things change — new laws, modified regulations, and updated analysis. It’s always important to stay up to date with the latest advancements; click to read what’s new in our industry and how these changes may affect the way you operate your practice:  

Case Studies and Testimonials

As more and more practitioners share with us their stories about how airtight compliance is delivering value to their practices every day, we want to share them with you! Click to read about your colleagues’ experiences using our comprehensive compliance solutions and why they feel that PCS is the right choice:

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While the initial burst of legislation regarding COVID-19 and the protocols you must follow in your practice has calmed, laws and CDC recommendations, as well as state and local regulations, are subject to change at the drop of a hat. Click to stay up to date on the latest guidance about keeping your patients (and your staff) safe:

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