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About Us


 We provide solutions that make compliance with state and federal regulations like HIPAA, OSHA, and MIPS, easy. 


Our Web App automates the whole process and makes it as easy as possible to comply with the major regulations affecting healthcare. Simply create an account, view easy to understand training and answer some questions. Our App does all the rest and automatically updates all your compliance documents whenever new regulations are changes take effect. 


As private practitioners, and state association leaders, we understand the frustrations and unique challenges that healthcare compliance creates. We are dedicated to making compliance as easy as possible. We even have a dedicated customer support center to walk you through the process if you have questions or need help. Don't ignore compliance or let it cause undue stress in your practice, call us. We are the answer to protecting your hard-earned dollars against financial disaster from non-compliance.  


We are the trusted compliance solution for state associations, industry leaders, private practice groups, corporate associations, provider networks,  and small practice owners. Click here to see what our clients have to say.