How a Decade of Compliance Partnership Has Benefitted Dr. Gene Harrison and His Practice

Dr. Linda G. Drake

Meet Dr. Harrison

An experienced optometrist with over 30 years of experience, Gene Harrison, OD, operates three offices in Northern Alabama. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Vision America and is an Administrator for Vision Source in Alabama.

Dr. Harrison began working with PCS 12 years ago for HIPAA, OSHA, and Fraud & Abuse compliance and as one of our earliest customers, has had a front row seat to the expansion in our range of services and breadth of coverage that have made us optometry’s leading compliance company today.

We spoke with Dr. Harrison to talk about why PCS has been his choice for compliance solutions for so long and why he recommends our service to his colleagues today.

Simplify Healthcare Compliance

“Once we actually started using PCS we realized we really weren’t doing anything at all”

For years, Dr. Harrison said his practice had attempted to manage practice compliance on its own, but he was always worried that his internal system was insufficient. “We had this big book and were trying to keep up with compliance that way and I was always concerned — was I forgetting to do something?”

Since PCS is an official Vision Source partner, Dr. Harrison met with PCS founder Dr. Joe DeLoach, a practicing optometrist and industry compliance expert. After hearing what PCS could do for his practice, Dr. Harrison quickly signed up. He told us, “I like the fact that it was specific to optometry. That was probably one of the main reasons we moved forward with PCS.”

Automatic Updates and Peace of Mind

As one of the longest-standing clients of PCS, Dr. Harrison began using the service before the development of our user-friendly compliance app and was part of the transition process of digitizing compliance solutions. “I think their biggest impact was when they went to the cloud. Now they take care of everything.”

Since the app updates automatically when rules and regulations change, he doesn’t have to worry whether his practice is able to keep up with the ever-shifting compliance landscape: “I just never worry about it anymore.”

PCS has transformed the process of onboarding and training staff as well, allowing new employees to be certified and trained quickly and efficiently: “When we bring on a new employee they just log on, do all their compliance stuff and PCS sends us the emails saying everything’s completed,” he told us. “Just from that standpoint, the ease of mind is the biggest benefit.”

PCS Makes it Simple

Industry Expertise, Compliance Partners You Can Trust

“It made everything so simple and I don’t worry at all about compliance because they’re taking care of it.”

PCS was founded by optometrists who know from experience what it takes to be compliant. Because of this expertise, Dr. Harrison is confident and worry-free knowing that his compliance needs are taken care of by the best partners in the industry. “They know their stuff, they know it from an optometric standpoint so I trust them more and I have absolutely zero problems recommending them to every office that we have.”

From full-service onsite compliance audits, intuitive and efficient training modules, and comprehensive automatic updates, PCS takes the stress out of staying fully compliant.

Compliance should be a priority, not a headache — and PCS excels at making compliance easy. If you’re interested in learning more about PCS, schedule a consultation today.

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