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PCS is the only compliance company in the eye care industry that provides coverage of a full range of different compliance areas, including HIPAA, OSHA, HR, fraud and operational compliance, and revenue cycle management. Buy à la carte, mix and match to fit your needs, or take advantage of discounts when you choose one of our comprehensive compliance packages!

Convenient. Customized. Affordable.

Build the protection that fits your needs. Our subscription builder ensures that you never have to worry about having the compliance coverage that is right for your practice.
We offer COMPLETE compliance starting at $148.80/month (pay annually and save an additional 15%)
* one-time setup fees may apply
* custom packages available
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Our HIPAA compliance management is specifically designed for optometry and ophthalmology practices. This service includes customized HIPAA manuals and educational resources to ensure secure handling of your patient data. With a focus on the practical application of HIPAA regulations, we provide relevant and industry-specific guidance to safeguard patient information.


With our OSHA package, you’ll receive comprehensive support for maintaining a safe work environment in compliance with OSHA standards. We address every multifaceted requirement of workplace safety, including hazard compliance with OSHA, CLIA, and CDC standards. This service encompasses in-person training sessions, on-site inspections, and resources to help eye care practices understand and implement the laws, ensuring employee health and safety.


Our Fraud & Abuse compliance service is designed to assist eye care practices with the complexities of managed care reimbursement, billing, and coding. This area addresses the frequent changes in policies governing both public and private health insurers. With this package, you’ll receive management training, policy manuals, staff training, and an array of other services.


Our HR compliance service offers specialized support for creating and maintaining employee handbooks in line with the latest regulatory standards. Understanding both HR compliance and the specific needs of the eye care industry, we help practices navigate employee rights, high turnover of laws, and effective solutions for HR issues.


Have you ever considered outsourcing your practice’s billing and coding? You may be surprised to learn how much revenue the average practices loses due to avoidable mistakes. With PCS, you can easily transfer your revenue cycle management responsibilities to the experts, reducing lost revenue and freeing up time to focus on what really matters — caring for your patients.

Enterprise Solutions

Do you operate a large practice with lots of locations? Do you have advanced compliance concerns? We’ll gladly sit down with you and make sure we can build a package that meets your needs. No matter what you’re up against, nothing should stand in the way of your access to a comprehensive compliance solution that works for you. Submit your information below and we’ll get in touch shortly!
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Easy to use App

Our user-friendly app can be customized to fit the needs of your practice, with state-specific regulations and constant updates, so you never fall out of compliance.
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On-Site Services

We offer on-site inspections that simulate real visits made by state and federal regulators to make sure your coverage is as airtight as you need it to be.
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Customized Solutions

No one understands your unique needs better than people who live them every day. PCS is proud to be built by optometrists and perfectly suited for your business.