Why Choose PCS?

Because staying compliant with a team that understands your needs is the key to protecting every aspect of your business.

Who We Are

PCS was founded by doctors who know about the immense risks of non-compliance and dedicated our careers to building a team to study every aspect of practice compliance. We learned the handbooks back-to-front and immersed ourselves in all the policies that relate to the eye care industry. We built and implemented these solutions in our own practices. Then, we developed user-friendly, affordable software that helps doctors stay compliant without thinking twice about it.

For Eye Doctors, By Eye Doctors

If you’re partnering with a company without deep experience in your industry, you’re risking leaving important areas unprotected. PCS is owned and operated by practicing eye doctors who know what your business is facing and care about your success — we know our compliance packages work because we’ve used them in our own practices since the beginning.

PCS Developed with ECPS in Mind

Developed with ECPs in Mind

At PCS, we’re the only company to offer comprehensive coverage developed by eye care professionals and designed to incorporate all the unique needs of your practice. We understand that our colleagues often don’t have the time or the capacity to focus on more than their practice and their patients. With PCS in your corner, you can come to work every day with the peace of mind that comes with existing in a state of constant compliance.


VP Marketing BJ Avery



Bj brings 25 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about human resource management to our team. She has a unique understanding of third party payer, insurance and regulatory issues such as HIPAA.

As the former Executive Director of a professional state association, no one has closer contact and better understanding of the challenges facing healthcare practitioners today.

President Joe Deloach



Joe brings a diverse background that includes a prior highly successful private practice, managing one of the nation’s largest referral centers, and most recently as a full time educator and Clinical Director of the University of Houston Eye Institute Dallas.

He is a noted national authority and lecturer on many aspects of practice including medical billing and coding, documentation of medical records, HIPAA compliance, and management of ocular disease. He has served in numerous capacities with his state association where he was recognized as on of the few recipients of the Distinguished Service Award. Joe also continues to serve as an advisor to Medicare.

VP Development Peter Cass



Peter is a successful private practitioner who understand health information technology like no other. He is a specialist in making EHR systems work for you, even to the point of special customizations.

Peter is a computer specialist with advanced knowledge in hardware, software, and networking support services. He has served on a national Health Information Exchange workgroup, chairs a state association committee on health information technology, and is a past recipient of Entrepreneur of the Year for his region of the state.

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