On-Site Compliance Services

Want the experts to take care of all this for you? We’ll come on-site to set up your customized compliance.

Let PCS Handle the Hard Work

Handling practice compliance on your own can be a time-consuming process, and even then, how can you be sure you’ve covered everything?

We offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive compliance platforms, complete with guided training, exhaustive resources, and intuitive document management in just a few clicks with the seamless PCS App. But even with the market’s best tools at your fingertips — when a single compliance slip-up could cost you — sometimes, you just want to trust the experts, and we don’t blame you.

That’s why we offer on-site services that leave no stone unturned. We’ll come to your location, carry out comprehensive healthcare privacy and hazard audits on par with federal regulators, and use our findings to customize every word of your compliance documentation. We’ll thoroughly train you and your staff, so you know everything important has been covered.

When you work with PCS, we give you back the time that other practices spend worrying about getting — and staying — compliant.

PCS doing on site training with client to help their medical practice become HIPAA and OSHA compliant

Federal-Grade Inspections & Audits

Federal regulators for HIPAA and OSHA and other official organizations are going to be meticulous when they audit your practice. We’re just as careful, but we’re not punitive: we’re preventative.

Our team carries out on-site inspections and audits for your practice that are every bit as thorough as the federal standard. If there are issues with your policies, we’ll find them and generate a line-by-line breakdown of everything you need to do to get in compliance. We’ll make sure your documentation reflects your unique concerns — without any additional work on your part.

We know from our own experience in the vision industry, in most eye care practices, things can slip through the cracks. We know where to find those cracks, and we can show you how to seal them.

PCS professionals helping client with staff and managment training


Our training manuals and videos are as simple to use as possible: our customers tell us all the time how easy they are to follow. But there’s also simply a whole lot to cover and keep track of. That’s why we offer on-site training for you and your team. Not sure what parts of the manual apply to your practice? We’ll make sure you do. Want to be certain that your team not only understands the regulations, but also how to put them into practice? Leave that to us.


Patients’ protected health information (PHI) is some of the most sensitive documentation your practice handles. And, of course, it’s some of the content you most regularly need to access or move. Our inspections closely examine how you handle PHI to ensure you’re ethically and legally within the guidelines. As utilization of cloud-storage and working with third-party partners rise, our expertise with drawing hard lines with patient privacy is more important than ever.



Employee protections are an important and complex concern. Increased interest over employee health and safety has led to a greater focus on not just having clear policy, but also rock-solid enforcement. We’ll audit your practice to make sure you’re handling machinery, medicine, and disease exposure in ways that OSHA, CLIA, CDC, and other organizations will approve of. And we’ll train your team to play it safe in every situation so that your employees, patients, and practice are all well-protected.

HR Compliance icon


Labor and employment laws are very complex and can be drastically different from state to state. It’s often difficult to know where to look for assurance about your workplace policies. As an addition to our onsite service, our HR program is an excellent choice to make sure you are in total compliance with this constantly changing but essential requirement of running a business.

Operational Compliance icon


What’s the cost of an “honest mistake” when it comes to your practice’s billing and reimbursement? The answer is more than you want to know — that’s why we offer reimbursement training audits. PCS experts will remotely audit your medical records documentation and billing practices with a fine-toothed comb. We can compare your billing practices to national norms and CMS metrics. Everyone makes mistakes, but with our guidance, you can make sure your reimbursement policies are airtight before the real auditors take a look.