Dr. Ruth Scholten-Lellbach:
Why You Need Experts on Compliance AND Your Industry on Your Side

Dr. Ruth Scholten-Lellbach

 Meet Dr. Scholten-Lellbach

Dr. Ruth Scholten-Lellbach, from All About Eyecare in Aurora, CO, is a current user (and a big fan) of PCS’ comprehensive compliance solutions because of our unique expertise in her industry.

We sat down with Dr. Scholten-Lellbach to talk about why she loves working with the PCS team and how she knows that no matter what changes in her practice, and the optometric industry at large, she can have peace of mind that she’ll never suffer a lapse in compliance.

Optometric Expertise Makes All the Difference

“Just speaking with Joe… that was what started it all.”

There was a time when Dr. Scholten-Lellbach had no formalized, or in her words “good,” compliance plan. She was solid on HIPAA, but perhaps a bit shakier on OSHA and fraud defense. “We knew about compliance, but we underestimated it. It was not a good business plan, let’s put it that way.”

When Dr. Scholten-Lellbach visited the PCS booth in an industry trade show’s exhibit hall, she wasn’t thinking about compliance — but after just a few minutes hearing from PCS President Dr. Joe DeLoach, a longtime eye doctor turned passionate compliance advocate, it became one of her biggest priorities.

It was Dr. DeLoach’s combination of compliance knowledge and optometry practice know-how that sold Dr. Scholten-Lellbach on PCS. “Just speaking with Joe, getting the basic information on compliance and specifics about what that means for eye doctors… that was what started it all.”

PCS Starts by Going the Extra Mile

“There’s no comparison to their onsite audit.”

PCS offers an onsite audit to their partner practices to ensure that even the smallest oversight doesn’t lead to major costs later on. For Dr. Scholten-Lellbach, having a team of compliance experts come into her practice was transformative. She was certain that no one could catch everything, but PCS did — all in a way that went beyond just highlighting the issues.

“They came in and said, ‘This is what you need to fix, this is what you need to do,’” Dr. Scholten-Lellbach recalled. “Boom, boom, fix, fix, done.”

There’s no comparison to an onsite audit, especially when it’s intended to simulate inspections performed by federal regulators. Dr. Scholten-Lellbach agreed: “You need someone to come in and physically look. You can proofread a document, but until somebody else reads it? That makes all the difference.”

optometrist learning how to improve her practice's compliance with pcs

By ODs, For ODs: Painless, Reliable Practice Compliance

They’re my rock.

PCS’s policies were tested in the owners’ own practices, which is why they make it so easy to get into — and maintain — compliance. “Do I feel more confident knowing [PCS is] owned, operated, and founded by optometrists? Absolutely. One hundred percent.”

Between the updates PCS provides about anything that may affect her practice’s compliance, and how easy it is for her to reach the team for ongoing support, Dr. Scholten-Lellbach feels empowered, supported, and ultimately, de-stressed: “I get so much time back. And through COVID, those updates were irreplaceable, invaluable, something I couldn’t do without. They’re my rock. I can do my job because they know what I need to do it.”

Compliance is a lot easier when you have the right support — and a team that understands your business. To find out what PCS can do for you, schedule a consultation today.

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