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Our services are flexible and convenient — and customized to fit your practice.

Everything in One Place

Staying compliant doesn’t mean following a single set of rules. Different groups demand different things from your business, from government regulatory branches to your company’s own HR. But what if you could manage all those requirements in one place — and always trust that they’re up to date?

Practice Compliance Solutions offers a comprehensive compliance system via an easy-to-use app. Manage training, onboarding, audits, paperwork, and more, all in one place. And with an automatically updated system, its never been simpler to keep your practice safe today, tomorrow, and beyond.


PCS Everything in One Place
Protecting your business shouldn’t be difficult. See how you can get compliant for $62/mo.
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Protect your patients’ privacy. Learn how to ensure that sensitive patient information stays confidential, every time it’s transferred and anywhere it’s stored.

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Keep your workplace safe. Implement the critical policies and best practices that meet OSHA standards and protect everyone who comes to your practice.

Fraud, Abuse, & Operational Compliance

Fraud, Abuse, & Operational Compliance

Prevent billing fraud and mistakes. Stay above-board with your practice’s managed care reimbursement policies, billing and coding, and other financial interactions.

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Modernize your HR policies. Update and customize your staff handbook to stay current with regulatory standards and keep your employees happy.

Customized Solutions

We empower you to create a tailored compliance solution through an in-depth questionnaire at the start of our partnership. The result, are a complete package of documents and resources that are specific to your state, specialty, and practice to fit your business perfectly.

Onboarding Process

The first step to consistent compliance is to make sure your business is prepared on day one. We’ll help you get the proper training for your management team, setup your compliance documents, and train your staff so that you can be confident that you are in compliance.

Robust Training Resources

With PCS, you’ll have access to all the trainings and certifications we offer at your fingertips. Every presentation you or your team needs to get compliant is uploaded in your app. Simply complete the video training, digitally verify your completion, and your certification will be ready to print and display.

Onsite Services

Our compliance solutions have been developed to make it easy for business owners to become compliant and keep up with rapidly changing compliance requirements. But as optometrists, we understand your main concern and devotion of time is caring for your patient. So, what’s the solution?

It’s simple — Let us do the work for you. We will come to you and complete every manual, form and document needed to ensure 100% compliance. We will also inspect the office for any potential compliance violations and provide extensive recommendations for action where needed. Since our team of experts is in charge, you know everything is complete and accurate.

Training Audit

A PCS audit is unique in that it reviews not only the medical record, but also the billing and payment associated with each patient encounter. You will receive an overall summary analysis of the recurring documentation and patient management issues as well as an in-depth review of each patient visit.

We will also be looking for lost revenue issues based on ethical billing practices and preferred practice patterns. We will give you insights on what the results of an audit by a real payor could cost you. We make written reports or reports by conference call. We will usually offer a written report but will recommend which option would be better for you once the audit is completed.