Hear from Real PCS Users

Staying up to date with HIPAA, OSHA, HR, and numerous financial regulations is a challenging prospect when the guidelines are constantly evolving. That’s why Practice Compliance Solutions has worked hard to develop a comprehensive solution, customized to your practice, that evolves as fast as the world around us. You don’t have to simply take our word for it though— the case studies below feature testimony from real practitioners who use and rely on PCS every day.

Dr. Raley

Dr. Audrey

When Dr. Raley cold-started her practice in 2019, one thing she was sure of was that she didn’t want to take any chances with compliance. That’s why she chose PCS to handle everything — including outsourced billing — and she hasn’t regretted it once.

Dr. Mccall

Dr. John

Before Dr. McCall started using PCS, he was already an industry veteran, having served as President of the AOA and several other organizations. However, an audit showed him all the places in his practice that he could be at risk for compliance issues — and missed revenue.

Dr. Lellbach

Dr. Ruth Scholten-Lellbach

When Dr. Scholten- Lellbach talked to one of PCS’ founders, Dr. Joe DeLoach, she knew she needed a compliance partner with expertise in the optometric industry. From the moment PCS stepped into her practice for her initial on-site audit, she knew she was making the right choice.

Dr. Drake

Dr. Linda

Before she started working with us, Dr. Drake was a part of the large groups of ECPs that don’t know much about what “compliance” really meant, but she knew she didn’t want to be left unprotected if the worst came to pass. With PCS, she’s working with a company that makes things “painless.”