OSHA & Hazard Compliance

Helping you understand what it means to run a hazard-free practice. Get compliant in an afternoon!

Hazards Can Arise at Any Time in Your Practice. Are You Prepared?

OSHA encompasses a list of extremely important regulations about workplace safety. We know from our own experience in the industry that eye care practices have always faced their fair share of potential hazards: contagious diseases, sharps, lasers, and unwieldy diagnostic equipment, in addition to the usual list of office risks. As that list has grown with circumstances like COVID-19, so has the number of questions we must ask ourselves:

Can you produce documentation your staff has been trained on OSHA and CDC regulations?

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Our goal at PCS is to do the hard work for you. It’s a lot to ask that you clearly understand the demands of OSHA and all the associated legal requirements, while staying up to date with the latest updates on your own. With our OSHA module, we’ll manage compliance for you so that you can focus on taking care of your patients.

Our OSHA module includes the following components, customized for your practice:

  • Management training
  • Hazards Policy Manual
  • All necessary documents:
    • Definitions of Hazards
    • Employee Testing and Treatment Declination
    • OSHA SDS Requirements
    • Emergency Response Contacts
    • OSHA Onsite Inspection Resource
    • Sharps Injury Log
    • Laboratory Testing Log
    • State Specific OSHA/CDC Information
    • Work Restrictions Protocols
    • Exposure Response Report
    • COVID Office Protocols
    • State Specific CLIA Resource Information
  • Staff training
    • Training video
    • Hazard Staff Test
    • Hazard Test Answers
    • Hazard Training Log


OSHA Inspection

Make Sure Your Practice is Prepared for an OSHA Inspection

Avoiding an OSHA audit can be a matter of preparation. Here are a few of the most commonly overlooked items that should be integrated into your practice’s routine safety standards:

  • Personal Protective Equipment: Supply gloves, gowns, eye protection, and masks to staff for protection against pathogens like HIV and Hepatitis B. Regular training on the correct usage is essential as well as proper disposal procedure.
  • Bloodborne Pathogens: Establish comprehensive safeguards, including vaccination, exposure control plans, and procedures for handling potential exposure incidents.
  • Hazard Communication Standard: Maintain accurate labeling and safety data sheets for all chemicals used, ensuring staff understands potential hazards and safe handling procedures.
  • Emergency Action Plans: Develop detailed plans for emergencies, including fire or natural disasters, outlining evacuation routes, communication methods, and staff responsibilities.
  • Medical and Exposure Records: Accurately document all workplace injuries, exposures, or medical treatments, retaining these records as mandated by OSHA.

Worried about staying up to date with changing regulations? No sweat! With PCS as your optometry compliance partner, everything you need to know is available in our seamless web app interface, which automatically updates as laws and regulations change.

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Why Choose the OSHA Package from PCS?

Hazard compliance involves meeting the requirements of OSHA, CLIA, CDC, and any other bodies involved in employee safety. No business owner wants their employees to get sick or injured on the job, but understanding all the factors of a safe practice is an ongoing, time-consuming, and labor-intensive project.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our OSHA module is a comprehensive resource that’s seamless and easy to navigate. We’ll help you learn the laws and keep your staff in good health, including in-person training session and on-site inspections, and the PCS App helps you consolidate and access your resources in just a few clicks. We know OSHA involves many requirements — we’ll help you fulfill them and get compliant in an afternoon.


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