How PCS Makes Compliance Quick and Easy for Dr. Linda Drake and Her Practice

Dr. Linda G. Drake

Compliance is often one of the most important items on the bottom of an eye care practice’s to-do list. That’s because even though it’s crucial to the success of a practice, compliance can seem like a daunting, endless project. But as Dr. Linda G. Drake, of CustomEyes near Kansas City, is happy to report, using PCS has helped her get — and stay — up to date with their compliance with ease.

We caught up with Dr. Drake to talk about her experience with PCS and why she doesn’t hesitate to recommend it to her colleagues:

PCS Fills an Area of Need in Any Practice

“Like most optometry practices, we didn’t really know what we were supposed to comply with.”

Dr. Drake said that prior to using PCS, she struggled to understand what she needed to do to stay in compliance, no matter how many compliance groups she spoke with or talks she attended. As she recalled, “We had very little going on, as far as compliance. Like most optometry practices, we didn’t really know what we were supposed to comply with.”

All that changed when, after Dr. Drake attended an education session offered by PCS about the importance of consistent compliance and the consequences of letting it lapse, she made the leap to adopt PCS. In no time, she understood there was far more she should be doing when it came to HIPAA, OSHA, and other compliance areas — and that PCS allowed her to get it all done in one place: “It’s pretty much all-in-one, and it’s helped us to do this all a lot easier.”

PCS Makes It Simple to Get Started

“PCS is definitely simplified compared to other companies I’ve looked at.”

Trying to learn the minutia of compliance expectations proved challenging for Dr. Drake’s staff to do on their own. Medicare alone, she reported, can require thousands of pages of reading: “We really don’t have the ability to speak the language these organizations speak. Anything you do with Medicare, it’s like Greek.”

PCS, however, offered a fast track to understanding with highlighted manuals and webinars that streamline what you need to know. As Dr. Drake remarked, “It’s step-by-step…definitely simplified compared to other companies I’ve looked at.”

PCS Makes it Simple

PCS Helps You Easily Stay on Top of Compliance

“The PCS app is very accessible…and the PCS team is very accessible.”

PCS is offered in a user-friendly desktop app, and crucially, it updates as rules and regulations change. For Dr. Drake, this has made finding the information she needs a breeze. As she told us, “It’s very accessible. If I have any questions, I can just go to the app and scroll through to what I’m looking for.”

Customers can also customize their in-app resources and paperwork: “We can go in and personalize our manuals at any time. Personally, I go through the app pretty regularly to catch up on the management and training updates.”

Dr. Drake can also vouch firsthand that PCS offers ongoing support. “They’re very accessible, as far as phone calls or emails with questions,” Dr. Drake said, before going on with a laugh: “I’m probably on their top 10 list for asking questions. But they always answer back pretty quickly or call me back if it’s urgent. They’ve been good to us.”

Compliance should be a priority, not a headache — and PCS excels at making compliance easy. If you’re interested in learning more about PCS, schedule a consultation today.

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