Fraud, Abuse, and Operational Compliance

Helping you manage your optometry practice’s financial activity the right way. Get compliant in an afternoon!

When Money Changes Hands, Mistakes Are Common. Is Your Practice Covered?

In 2018 alone, practices settled with the Department of Justice for over $2.8 billion for violating the federal False Claims Act. Even the most honest of mistakes can be considered healthcare fraud and penalized accordingly. At PCS, we’ve found that most eye doctors simply don’t have the time or the expertise to keep up with every little change in the rules governing Medicare reimbursement or everyday billing and coding in their practices. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you aware of when reimbursement standards change for Medicare and Medicaid? Is your staff kept up to date when certain codes are no longer used? Are you confident in the proper ways to handle patient billing?

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What Our Fraud, Abuse, and Operational Compliance Package Includes

Our goal at PCS is to handle the work for you. It’s a major proposition to expect you to stay up-to-date with rules and regulations concerning managed care reimbursement, billing and coding, and the other operational demands of your optometry practice. With our Fraud, Abuse, and Operational Compliance package, we’ll do the hard work informing, training, updating, and auditing so that your time is free to focus on what really matters — your patients.

Our Fraud, Abuse, and Operational Compliance package includes the following components, customized for your practice:

  • Management Training
  • Fraud, Abuse & Operational Compliance Policy Manual
  • All necessary documents:
    • Non-Discrimination Policy
    • Non-Discrimination Grievance Procedures
    • Sensory and Speech Impairment Policy
    • Limited English Proficiency Policy
    • Facility Accessibility Policy
    • Visitor Log
    • Patient Acknowledgement Regarding Durable Medical Equipment
    • DME Complaint Resolutions Form
  • Fraud and Abuse Staff Training,
    • Training Video
    • Fraud and Abuse Training Log
    • Reimbursement Training Manual


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Why Choose the Fraud, Abuse, and Operational Compliance Package from PCS?

Policy that governs both public and private health insurers is an area where changes happen more frequently than any other. PCS was founded by practicing eye doctors who started with a mission to understand these areas in our own practices before realizing that our colleagues need the same help that we did. No one understands better than us what you face on a daily basis, and we tailor our services to the most important things to know as a practitioner in the eyecare industry.

All our packages are organized on the PCS App. It’s easy to navigate and updates automatically with each new rule that’s passed and implemented. If you could get complete assurance about your staff’s knowledge and preparedness with managed care reimbursement, billing and coding, and more — in a single afternoon — wouldn’t you?


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All the information you need is never more than a few clicks away, and your manuals update automatically with changing requirements. We work hard so that using PCS is easy.

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On-Site Services

You can trust us to teach compliance because we wrote the book on it. With optional in-person training and inspections, and yearly medical records audits, we’re here to help.

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Customized Solutions

We know what you need because we face the same things in our practices. Tell us everything about your business, even as it changes, for a solution that grows and evolves with you.