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Your Employees Have HR Concerns. Do You Have Answers?

The regulations surrounding employee’s rights change constantly — and in recent years, in increasingly significant ways. Harassment, discrimination, free speech, what information must be disclosed, and even how an employee is paid changes their rights are hot topics and causes for claims. What PCS has found over many years in this industry is that in many eye care practices, the concerns management have are often different from where compliance infractions are actually occurring.

Do you have on-the-books policies for legal gray areas, like progressive disciplinary action and travel time rules? Do you know the difference between a “hostile environment” and “workforce bullying”?

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What Our HR Module Includes

At PCS, we make it easy to do three things: understand HR compliance well, stay in the loop as laws change, and learn how to meet legal requirements. When your employees’ needs are satisfied, you can stop stressing about liability, and your team can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, healthy, happy, fully-compliant work environment.

Our HR module includes the following components, customized for your practice.

  • Management Training
  • Personnel Manual
  • All necessary documents:
    • Application for Employment
    • New Employee Orientation Program
    • HR Manual Acknowledgement Form
    • New Employee Checklist
    • Disclosure of Conflict of Interest
    • Employee Confidentiality Agreement
    • Employee Acknowledgement of Drug Free Workplace Policy
    • Employee Notification of Employment Practice
    • Authorization to Deduct From Final Paycheck
    • Harassment Training Log
    • Guidelines for Determining Employee Exempt Status
    • Employee Information Form
    • Initial Performance Review
    • Request for Leave of Absence
    • State Specific Employment Laws
    • Employee Performance Appraisal
    • Counseling and Guidance Report
    • Employee/Family Purchase Form
    • Request for Time Off
    • COBRA Election Notice
    • COVID Office Protocols
    • COBRA General Notice
    • Harassment/Bullying Incident Report
    • Incident Report
    • Termination Report


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Why Choose the HR Module from PCS?

Our team at PCS doesn’t just understand HR compliance inside and out: we understand eye care, and the concerns of employees in this industry. It’s one thing to be able to keep up with employee rights and the high turnover of related laws, but it’s another to know exactly where to look for issues and how simple changes can make for effective solutions.

For tailored, concise HR compliance support, you won’t find a better option than our HR module. Between our streamlined training, easy-to-master PCS App, and resources that automatically update with every new law or regulation, we’ve worked hard to make understanding HR expectations — and acting on them — an afternoon’s work. Employee and employer rights are complex. Wouldn’t you love to have them taken care of tomorrow?


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We authored the book on compliance. Let us teach it to your team. We offer in-person training and inspections that mirror those done by government regulators.

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