10 Reasons Why PCS is the Best Choice for Your Compliance Needs

Healthcare compliance is a complex topic that can affect your business in a variety of ways, many of which are not always apparent. Every staff member at every practice has a responsibility to know the rules and regulations that compliance entails and follow these rules every day, even outside of work hours. The consequences of healthcare non-compliance are numerous, and can include litigation, financial penalties, security breaches, erosion of patient trust, and disruption of your business.

Essentially, you should ask yourself one question on a regular basis: Is my practice fully compliant right now? If you’re unsure, PCS is here to help!

Here are ten reasons why, if you’re looking for a compliance partner that understands your practice and your industry, you only have one choice — the team at PCS:

Reason 1: HIPAA Compliance Is Only the Beginning

Doctors tend to have common misconception that compliance is just about HIPAA, but the actual list is much more extensive: OSHA, Fraud and Abuse, General Compliance, Human Resources, and more.

These are more than simply optional, good ideas. These fit under the state and federal laws that govern your business. In other words, every practice in the country is obligated to follow them.

A single violation of one of these laws can drastically alter the future of your practice and your career, even if done accidentally. Your first HIPAA violation could cost you $50,000 and up to a year in prison. Your first OSHA violation could cost you nearly $15,000 with penalties multiplying for repeated violations. HR violations and fraudulent practices can not only carry significant financial and criminal penalties, but can also irreparably harm your business’ reputation or your ability to practice.

Reason 2: Your Practice Could Be at Risk Right Now

There is another misconception that these laws don’t involve optometrists.

In fact, optometry is considered one of the least compliant healthcare specialties. Additionally, it is commonly thought that compliance violations are mostly a problem in large cities and hospitals. In actuality, the opposite is true: most violations are found in small practices and rural areas of the country. Enforcement of these regulations happens at every level, and it’s only getting stricter…

Potential Lawsuits
HIPAA notifying patient

Reason 3: Washington Is Stepping Up Compliance Enforcement

The Federal government is focused on compliance. HIPAA fines alone have cost practices $4 billion. Washington has increased their focus on investigations and healthcare audits and is looking to the strict and stringent example that California sets for how to model labor laws for the future. The former Chiefs of California Department of Labor, Julie Su, and Division of Occupational Safety and Health, Douglas L. Parker, are now serving in regulatory roles at the federal level and are increasing compliance standards nationwide.

Regulators are also focusing more on HR legislation which can change the rules that your practice needs to abide by — without notice

Reason 4: Finding a Company Your Colleagues Trust

PCS is supported, respected, and utilized by large optometry associations, industry leaders, and state associations around the country, and for good reason!

  • We are committed to supporting the optometry community and have given back nearly $1.4 million over the past 9 years to industry groups.
  • PCS is endorsed by alliances that represent thousands of eye care professionals including: AACO, SNAPP, Vision Source, Vision Trends, and a variety of state optometric associations.

PCS has earned the trust of these industry professionals because they are our colleagues, and we understand their needs better than any company offering comparable services.

Doctor washing hands
OSHA compliance requirements

Reason 5: For Optometrists, by OPTOMETRISTS

PCS is optometry. The owners have careers in optometry and are dedicated to the profession. Instead of imposing compliance on optometry, PCS uses our expertise to customize compliance solutions for optometry and your individual state laws. This results in solutions that are simpler, safer, and less expensive.

PCS was founded in 2012 as a response to a growing need for healthcare compliance solutions, but we’ve been compliance experts for much longer. We are confident in the resources we bring to your practice because we developed and implemented them in our own practices first. The products we offer are designed with optometry in mind because that’s who we are.

Reason 6: Only PCS Offers Truly Comprehensive Compliance

PCS is a complete compliance company. Instead of only offering resources for individual laws that affect your practice, we offer compliance packages covering every law you are obligated to abide by. With PCS, you can be confident that your practice has everything it needs to be compliant and stay compliant. No other company offers these services like we do.

Our user-friendly app updates your documentation as soon as laws and regulations change. With PCS, you can stop worrying about staying up to date in the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare compliance.

Efficient new hiring onboarding
OSHA compliance requirements

Reason 7: Superior Protection at a Competitive Cost

Not only do we protect you in every area of compliance, we do so much more for so much less. For the price of a total compliance package from PCS, a HIPAA compliance company would provide you with only the resources necessary to be HIPAA compliant. We offer HIPAA, but we also add OSHA, Fraud & Abuse, HR, Revenue Cycle Management, chart audits, site visits and more.

Reason 8: PCS Takes the Stress out of Staying Compliant

Compliance shouldn’t be a big burden. Our system is simple, cloud-based and provides extensive training for staff and management presented in language that is easy to understand. When updates are required, PCS provides them to you automatically — we don’t give you a list of things to do on your own every 3 months like other compliance companies would.

PCS Value Partnet
Practice Compliance Solutions Asset Protection

Reason 9: On-Site Services that Cannot Be Beat

We can do it all for you. We offer an industry exclusive onsite overhaul. We will come to your office and complete everything for you. We will also provide a complete HIPAA and OSHA inspection of your office with recommendations for things to improve before a real inspection. PCS believes that prevention is much better than reaction when it comes to healthcare compliance. Make sure you have everything in order before an inspection happens.

To be proactive in identifying potential problems at your practice, PCS offers a chart audit service where we review a representative sample of your doctors’ documentation to ensure that all the services that your practice provides are being adequately charted and accounted for. We also review the insurance coding and billing processes to make sure that your services are properly reimbursed

Reason 10: Our Service Speaks for Itself — We Don’t Need GIMMICKS

At PCS we don’t believe in gimmicks, hard sales pitches, or badgering phone calls. We encourage you to compare what we offer at our pricing to anyone in the industry. Give us a call, browse our website, ask for a live sales demo, complete our compliance assessment tool, or talk to your colleagues. We are Optometry’s trusted compliance company, and we are here to help you.