4 Reasons Why Remote Billing Is the Right Choice for Your Optometry Practice

Whether you’re starting a new practice, examining the books at the end of the year, or your current insurance person just gave notice, you might be asking yourself — should I continue to handle billing and coding in-house?

Historically, billing was something exclusively done inside the practice, but recently, outsourcing medical billing has become increasingly popular among eye care practices.

Before he started relying on PCS for his billing and coding, Dr. John McCall, O.D., is a prime example of someone who thought everything was fine until someone looked into it. As he told us, “You think you’re doing a pretty good job until somebody comes along and tells you that you missed out on $70,000 last year because of incorrect billing. That’s substantial.”

PCS’ remote billing service has helped Dr. McCall and many others to reveal lost revenue, save time, and prevent costly errors. Here are 4 benefits of outsourcing your medical billing to the experts in revenue cycle management:


Your practice is your livelihood and protecting your investment means keeping your billing practices precise and updated to the latest requirements.

Simple mistakes can add up, and errors or oversights in your billing can mean lost revenue or fines from regulatory agencies. An expert billing specialist will identify and eliminate these costly mistakes from ever happening again, so you don’t lose out on more revenue in the future or face potentially severe sanctions on your business.


As a company founded and owned by practicing optometrists, we know that staffing a team to handle billing is a huge commitment for your time and budget. Managing your insurance claims uses up staff time that could be otherwise spent focused on the patients and the quality of the care you provide.

Let the experts worry about billing so you can do what you do best — focus on creating a great experience for your patients.

optometrist using PCS software
revenue data and chart from PCS


Patients trust you to provide them with quality care and clear communication, especially when it comes to what they’re expected to pay for the services you offer.

When billing mistakes force you to ask patients to pay more than the amount agreed upon, it can cause irreparable damage to your reputation.


Improper billing practices don’t just lead to costly mistakes — they can put your patients’ information at risk. When you hire PCS for your billing, our specialists will start by doing a thorough audit of your existing billing and coding practices.

We’ll help you start remote billing with a foundation of complete compliance with HIPAA.

optometrist using PCS software with patients

Why You Should Choose to Partner with PCS for Revenue Cycle Management

PCS hasn’t always offered remote billing services, but when we realized how many practices were making costly errors — both in-house and with less qualified third-party partners — we knew we needed to step in and help.

When we’re handling all aspects of your billing, we’re giving that time back to focus on your patients, and even though our presence is remote, we’re still accessible whenever you need us.

RCM by Optometrists, for Optometrists

PCS is the only company in the industry to focus on optometry, and for good reason — we were founded by eye doctors who still own and operate the company today. For our clients, having a partner who understands eye care coding standards, optometry EHR systems, and common errors to watch out for that may be specific to optometric practices is critical for their peace of mind.

As one RCM client, Dr. Audrey Raley, O.D., explains it, “I felt like even though my PCS billing representative isn’t in my office physically, I feel like she could be. She understands my EHR and she understands how to communicate with us. We can email, we can call — she actually allows me to text her.”

See what Dr. Raley, Dr. McCall, and countless other ECPs have learned — you simply can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to billing. Schedule a consult and take the first steps today!