HIPAA Compliance Management

Helping eye doctors handle their patients’ private information securely. Get compliant in an afternoon!

A HIPAA Infraction Can Happen When You Least Expect It. Are You Prepared?

It’s easy to take for granted. Every time you input a patient’s private health information (PHI), you’re making a powerful promise to keep it safe. What the team at PCS has discovered over decades of collective experience in this field is that most eye care practices are deeply concerned with protecting patient privacy — but they don’t always understand how to eliminate gaps that threaten this mission. Ask yourself these questions:

Is your optometry team educated on the potential violations that they could unknowingly encounter? Have you adopted new digital solutions recently that may present gaps in your ability to secure PHI?

Practice Compliance Solutions delivers HIPAA compliance management customized by our expert team to ensure optometry and ophthalmology practices’ securely handle patient data.


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What Our HIPAA Package Includes

Our goal at PCS is to handle the work for you. It’s a lot to ask that you clearly understand the demands of HIPAA, meet important legal requirements, and stay up to date with the latest changes on your own. With our HIPAA module, we’ll manage compliance for you, leaving you free to focus on taking care of your patients.

Our HIPAA Package includes the following documents, customized for your practice:

Accounting Delay, HIPAA Training Log, Business Associate Contract, Accounting Approval, Medical Records Release, Medical Records Request, Copy of Medical Records Delay, HIPAA Staff Training, Amendment Approval, Copy of Medical Records Approval, Authorization for Release of Identifying Health Information, Accommodation Approval, Privacy Manual, Copy of Medical Records Denial, Device Table, HIPAA Quiz Answers, Amendment Delay, Employee PHI Confidentiality Agreement, HIPAA Quiz, Acknowledgment of Notice of Privacy Practices, Fax Cover Sheet, Security Manual, Accounting Denial, Amendment Denial, Accommodation Denial, Facility Access Log, Deviation Log, State Specific HIPAA Information, Confidentiality Agreement, & Notice of Privacy Practices.


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Why Choose the HIPAA Package from PCS?

Like most regulations that govern the field of healthcare, HIPAA is dense. PCS is founded, owned, and operated by practicing ODs. We understand what you’re up against, and we tailor your HIPAA manual and educational resources to the most important things to know as a practitioner in this specific industry.

Our HIPAA module is the eyecare industry’s most streamlined tool to help you understand HIPAA practically and determine how to protect your patients. The PCS App is intuitively organized and easy to access — plus, it automatically updates your compliance documentation as new laws and rules are passed and implemented. If you could get peace of mind about something as complicated and potentially costly as HIPAA in a single afternoon, wouldn’t you?


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