Weird Labor Laws that Show Why You Need State-Specific HR

Dr. Linda G. Drake

Is your practice compliant with all current employment laws?

At first glance, it may seem obvious: the law is the law. However, the constant state of flux on local levels leaves many business owners scrambling to stay in compliance with the latest updates.

This is most obvious in states that have a reputation for labor laws that are a little… out there. California is the first one that comes to mind for most people, and for good reason!

Just one example — under CA Labor Code Section 2441, employers in California are required to provide clean drinking water at no cost to all employees. But California isn’t the only place you’ll find surprising HR guidelines.

In Minnesota, under statute section 181.953, employees who fail a drug test can’t be fired for it the first time — they have to be allowed to complete a treatment program first. And in Indiana, according to Code 22-2-5-2, you can’t reduce an employee’s pay without having them first sign an agreement.

These are just a few unique cases that haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the degree to which these laws can vary wildly from state to state!

Here’s Why State-Specific HR Compliance Is So Important

All HR laws are important, but over the last couple of years, some laws have received heightened attention from regulators. These include discrimination and harassment, obtaining criminal background checks, credit history and salary history on prospective or current employees, employee misclassification (i.e., improperly paying employees on a salary basis), improper classification of part-time doctors as contract labor, and mandatory sick-pay laws.

The vast difference in labor and employment laws from state to state means you have to have your handbook reviewed regularly by experts who can 1) keep up with changes in your state and 2) understand the implications new laws can have on your business.

It Pays to Work with the Experts
in Your Industry

At PCS, we understand the unique needs of eye care practitioners, and the reason is simple — we were founded (and are still owned and operated) by practicing eye doctors!

Employee and employer rights are complex. For tailored, concise HR compliance support, you won’t find a better option than our HR module. At PCS, we make it easy to understand HR compliance well, stay in the loop as laws change, and learn how to meet your legal requirements.

To learn more about keeping your practice compliant with ongoing state requirements and mandates, please contact us.

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