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Remote Billing Services

Training Audits

We will perform an audit of your medical records and corresponding billings. You can choose a focused (confined to a specific payor like Medicare or VSP) or a general audit. Training audits will both identify problematic documentation and coding issues and provide recommendations for better compliance and increased reimbursement. The information can be useful to you and prevent future surprises in a payor audit. This is our most highly recommended service for any practitioner. 

Payment Review

Our team can review your billings and billing procedures to identify and recommend solutions to your reimbursement issues. This analysis can be focused on specific reimbursement issues or a broader analysis to identify areas in which you are not fully achieving your reimbursement potential. More global billing issues can be resolved through focused training of the doctor and/or staff or large scale training of your entire office. 

Billing Services

If you just don't want to deal with it any more. Our team can provide for all or selected parts of your billing services. All claims will be reviewed to assure accuracy and completeness. Billing services also include investigation and attempts to resolve any denial issues. 

Compliance Services

HIPAA Compliance

We offer a variety of services from on-site training to a comprehensive Compliance Manual. The manual includes everything you need to train your staff and become 100% compliant with all privacy and security regulations. The manual is designed to be customized to your individual practice. 

HR Compliance

We can provide assistance in establishing practice policy, employment protocols, payroll systems and other employee management issues that are simple and ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations. We can provide a comprehensive, customizable personnel manual that will help you manage all HR issues. 

Hazard Compliance

Our compliance package provides you with all the information, training, tools, and manuals you need to be compliant with Federal rules and regulations. It includes customizable, specialty specific hazard manual, Provider study program, staff training program, as well as all required state and federal forms and supporting documents.  

Fraud & Abuse Compliance

Our healthcare compliance programs can help you comply with Medicare's new Fraud and Abuse guidelines. Like our other compliance packages, it is easily customizable to your practice with minor additions, deletions, and insertions. Also included are logs and training presentation for the doctor and staff. 

Reimbursement Compliance

We offer THE complete Guide to Billing, Coding, & Reimbursement, with over 100 pages including information on: Proper Billing and Coding guidelines, avoiding Fraud and Abuse, Chief Complaint, establishing Medical Necessity, & Medical vs Vision, Rules on E&M codes, Ophthalmologic Codes, S Codes, Refractive Codes, Level II CPT codes and PQRS, Diagnostic Testing, Interpretation & Reports, Modifiers, ABNs, Coordination of Care, Balance Biling , & MORE!