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Everything you need (AND Continuously Updated)

HIPAA Compliance



  • HIPAA Physician Training 
  • HIPAA Staff Training (video and PowerPoint) 
  • Staff Training Log
  • Privacy Manual (specific to State law)
  • Security Manual (specific to State law) 
  • Security Risk Assessment (comprehensive)
  • Notice of Privacy Practice (profession specific) 
  • Acknowledgment of Notice of Privacy Practice (profession specific) 
  • Business Associated Agreements
  • Support Documents (Accommodations Approval Form, Accommodations Denial Form, Accommodations Delay Form, Accounting Approval Form  Accounting, Denial Form  Accounting Delay Form, Acknowledgement Form  Amend, Approval Form  Amend Denial Form, Amend Delay Form  Copy Approval Form, Copy Denial Form Copy Delay Form, Authorization Form  Business Associates, Employee Confidentiality Form, and more...

Fraud & Abuse Compliance


  • Fraud Prevention Physician Training 
  • Fraud Prevention Staff Training (video and PowerPoint)  
  • Staff Training Log 
  • Fraud and Abuse Manual (per CMS guidelines)
  • Reimbursement manual (the bible for billing and coding in optometry, developed in conjunction with
  • MIPS training manual (everything you need to know about MIPS)
  •  Supporting Documents  

Hazard Compliance



  • Hazard Prevention Physician Training 
  • Hazard Prevention Staff Training (video and PowerPoint)  
  • Hazard Test for Employees (with answer key)  
  • Staff Training Log 
  • Hazard Compliance Checklist
  • Hazard Manual (specific to State law)
  • Posters (OSHA Act, OSHA Poster - English and Spanish, OSHA Hand-washing Poster, GHS Poster, Hazard Definitons, OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, OSHA Hazard Communication Standard) 
  • Supporting Documents (Emergency Response Contacts  Work Restriction Requirements  Exposure Response Plan Employee Testing Declination  HBV Declination Statement  Sharps Injury Log  OSHA SDS Requirements, Pictograms and SDS PPE Identification System  OSHA Label  Laboratory Testing Log)

Human Resource Compliance


  • Physician Training (specific to State law)
  • Management Training (specific to State law)
  • Personnel Manual (specific to State law)
  • Supporting Documents (Authorization to Deduct, Employee Conflict of Interest, Employee Counseling Action, Employee Counseling Report,  Drug Free Workplace Policy Form, Employee Confidentiality Agreement, Employee Information Form, Employee Performance Appraisal, Employee Application, Employee Incident Report, Initial Appraisal and Review, Leave of Absence, New Employee Checklist,  New Employee Orientation, Request for Time Off, Termination Report, Explanation of Exempt vs Non-Exempt Classifications)