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With the PCS On-Site Compliance Service, our experts come to your office and develop a customized compliance solution to meet your specific needs.

Let PCS Handle the Hard Work

Managing practice compliance by yourself can be a massive undertaking. And even when you’re thorough, how can you be sure you’ve done everything necessary to adhere to the constantly evolving landscape of laws and regulations? It’s a trick question: you can’t — but we can.

Practice Compliance Solutions is the only compliance partner in the industry that offers a complete, multipoint on-site inspection of your practice. Our compliance experts complete every document and form needed for perfect compliance for your practice and complete peace of mind for you.

PCS is owned and operated by practicing ODs. We understand your needs and address everything from floor to ceiling, allowing you to spend your workday seeing patients without the need to spend extra hours away from home catching up on compliance issues.

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on-site audit and how it works at PCS

The PCS Onsite Audit: How It Works

PCS goes above and beyond to ensure your practice is compliant with OSHA, HIPAA, and other regulatory requirements. Our staff will travel to your practice and complete a full walkthrough of the premises, simulating the exact process a federal inspector would go through.

During this process, we focus on various aspects including general observations, chemical and safety protocols, IT infrastructure, and more. With our comprehensive 11-page checklist, we meticulously review every necessary requirement.

If any violations or risk areas are identified, you can count on PCS to help you address them. We offer guidance and support to help you correct any issues promptly and effectively.

What Real Users Have to Say About Their On-Site Experience


Practice Compliance Solutions is a specialized compliance company for optometry practices, owned and operated by ODs with extensive clinical and regulatory experience. We know what you’re facing in your practice because we’ve been there in our own. We saw a gap in optometry compliance, and our first customers were our own practices, which is why we’re so passionate in providing convenient and thorough inspections to our customers.

Today, we’re proud to be the only compliance service that not only offers simple, straightforward, done-for-you compliance — in a seamless web app that updates when laws change, and develops a plan tailored to your specific needs at a price way below the competition.

Compliance regulations are laws, not suggestions — by entrusting us with your compliance needs, you safeguard your business and enjoy peace of mind, enabling you to dedicate your attention to providing an exceptional experience to your patients.

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HIPAA compliance app of PCS

Compliance Areas

HIPAA Compliance

We help you protect and preserve the privacy of your patient’s sensitive health information.

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OSHA Compliance

We help you implement policies in accordance with the latest workplace safety standards.

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Fraud and Abuse

We provide information and training for compliance with the standards of managed care.

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HR Compliance

We customize your plan to account for the latest employment and HR regulations in your state.

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