Below are some general pointers for managing staff:

  • Your employees have a right to say they do not want to increase their exposure and want to stay home. In most cases this is job abandonment, but I think in this case honoring their request and welcoming them back when this passes is rational human behavior. This does NOT entitle them to any special benefits even under the new provisions of HR 6021.
  • You have no obligation to guarantee work to non-exempt (hourly) employees. In economic or other downturn situation, you can simply cut hours of non-exempt workers or temporarily lay them off.
  • If you didn’t listen to my preaching and have people on salary, you have to pay them, fire them or come to some mutual agreement with them.  You cannot cut their pay.
  • Many are trying to find ways to help their employees by paying them something even if they close but you have no obligation to do so.  It is a balance between keeping the business viable and helping people that each individual doctor must make.  In situations like this, the bottom line is everyone shares in the suffering.  
  • If they are laid off or their hours significantly cut, they have every right to file for unemployment benefits and they should.  The parameters for these benefits are state specific. The increase in premiums to you will be minimal.