Once again, PCS is getting calls from clients about certain companies providing inaccurate information regarding the Federal HIPAA program. These “sales/scare” tactics are unfortunately nothing new. If you are contacted by companies and their high-pressure sales tactics, keep all the following in mind.

  • The government, including the Office of Civil Rights, will never contact you by phone or email. Any valid communication will always be in the form of a letter. A caller stating they need to review your HIPAA policies or have been asked or assigned to do so is NOT from the government – they are simply trying to trick you into talking to them. You are not required to talk to anyone over the phone who calls stating they need to review your compliance policies – it does not work that way!
  • The government does not issue “seals of approvals” for HIPAA companies – these are simply marketing strategies.
  • The government does not “certify” HIPAA specialists – another marketing strategy.
  • Anyone telling you that compliance with the HIPAA Security Risk Assessment requirement only requires checking off boxes or answering yes/no questions is not providing accurate information. This attempt to simplify the process to make a sale does not result in a valid risk assessment.
  • Be wary of programs that lock you into multi-year contracts or complex auto-renewal programs – know exactly what you are signing up for. PCS never locks you into doing business with us – we earn that privilege.

PCS is and always has been the straight shooters in compliance. Trust us to provide the accurate information you need to protect your practice. If you have any questions regarding information or sales tactics you have encountered, feel free to contact PCS